Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Original, fresh...or not.

Back to plagiarism.
We went to the library today and checked out way too many books (25 total- seven for me, the rest for the kids, and hey- there's four of them.)

But how does this relate to stealing people's ideas and passing them off as your own? Simply. The children's area is right next to magazines and I picked up a copy of Reader's Digest. Guess what they call a section on writerly tips? INK WELL. Hey! That's my idea! I googled Ink Well when I picked it, and didn't get anything 'big' from that search, but apparently I missed this one. OR they stole my idea!

Either way, it is a big compliment, right? Because it says that professional writer magazine people picked the same double-meaning title for their regular column. Writer magazine writer must be doubly discerning, right?

I'm thinking of new titles for my blog- Ink Good (Well and Good are interchangeable, right?) Ma Gellin' (okay, no European explorer puns, but I'm struggling.)
Any ideas?

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