Monday, November 16, 2009

Review my first attempt at a book trailer!

I have some need video editing software, and had never used it.
Is the font legible? Is the heart beat cool or distracting? What feelings are evoked?
Most important, are you engaged?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. -Kelly

Pulse Trailer


  1. I thought I commented already but I guess it didn't take- anyway

    I like the heartbeat - goes well with your title. The font is legible. About the images - are they pertinent to your story?

  2. Stephanie- The pics need some work. I have a slideshow in my head that involves people, but these were the pics I have (at least until I make some costumes and take some pictures- only kindof joking). The book is set in Florida, and these are pics of Fl, so in that sense they are pertinent.