Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally Legit

So, I got a subscription to Publisher's Weekly.

What? You didn't have one of those already?

No. See, if this publishing thing doesn't work out,
then it's just a hobby. It was a big step to join
a crit group, even one that cost a measly $40 a year.
I don't know that I'll keep my subscription to PW forever,
but while I'm actively trying to get published, it's a
great way to find comps and prospective agents.

So you think you're big time now?

Uh, no. In fact, I'm still trying to justify the $20 a month
to myself. It's not that I doubt the value of being able to 
easily access deals and details and repetitive emails, but I 
don't like to spend money.

Not a big shopper then, are you?  

Nope. But I went shopping yesterday and bought a new
book bag for my son (his bag had a one foot long rip in
the seam, so it wasn't holding much
in anymore. And my computer bag has developed a rip
near the handle so I buckled down and bought a new bag,
 too. I'd had the old bag for over ten years. And now that 
I think about it, I didn't even like it that much. 

Is the new bag pretty?

Yes! It's silver with purple lining and faux snake skin handles
 and trim. Way cooler than my old plain black soft briefcase. 
Thanks for asking.


  1. I just got my subscription a few months ago...

  2. Caroline or whoever would like to share- what do you like best/use most on PW? I was playing/searching for I don't know what in the amazon ratings a few days ago.

  3. Woohoo for PW! And way to take the plunge - I've never splurged for one. Maybe it's high time I did...

  4. Psst. Kelly. You're talking to yourself. Not a good sign. (Just kidding!)

    I have not yet prescribed to PW, either. I'm a penny pincher, too (about most things). I understand how you feel, totally! I did have a conversation with some other writers recently and they said how useful PW was. So, good job. I'm proud of you!! And the new bag is very pretty.

  5. Cool bag! Hmm, I've been throwing money at other things (writing related), but I haven't taken the Publisher's Weekly plunge yet. Coming soon, I'm sure. ;-)

    Meanwhile, Kelly, I left a virtual Easter Basket for you at my blog: http://frohock.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/better-baskets-blog-hop/

    It's for a good cause.