Friday, April 23, 2010

I don't want to talk about it, okay?

I'm avoidance all the way.  This is why, with my first conference and a book pitch with an amazing agent looming on May 17th, I have been gardening.

My thought process looks like this-

It has to be perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Alright! I can do this! I'll make a list of edits to make.
Wow. This is kinda long.
Hmmm. Some of these are hard.
I know. I'll do a paper edit and address everything on the list.
And get my query done. The sole purpose of a query is to interest someone in reading more. Easy peasy.
It's impossible to explain all about my book in 2-3 paragraghs.
This is really hard. This sucks.
Everything I write sucks.
I'm going outside to play in the dirt.

So, there you have it. The garden is coming along, btw. The gladiolas are pushing up, the azaleas are blooming, and the hundreds of seeds are either sprouted and doing well, or not. I have no one to blame but myself that my edits aren't done, but I feel so in touch with nature right now;)

I also haven't lost the weight I wanted to this spring, but maybe I'll get some highlights instead. It's just as good, right?

In a side note, today is my 11th wedding anniversary! Nathan and I met before classes started our freshman year at UF and got married right before graduating. He's still my best friend and the funniest person I know.

What? You want a story?
Let me think.
Okay. I got one.

When we were renovating our old house, which I still miss so much, there had been a leak, not really a leak, but some previous owners had let water drip over the side of the tub and the plaster  in the kitchen ceiling below had fallen. They'd put in a nasty drop ceiling to cover it, which I had cleverly torn out before we moved in since it cost us a foot of height in the room. (It took me five years to finish all of the projects I 'envisioned' with a pry bar in that first week of owning the house). A short two years later I was putting up embossed-faux-tin-ceiling tiles, but first I had to screw all these pieces of wood to the ceiling so I could cover the giant hole in the plaster. I heard something dripping onto the kitchen tiles and rushed in. There was a lot of water on the floor and the shower was on upstairs, so I yelled for Nathan to turn off the water. Then I climbed the ladder I'd been working on so I could see if it was a pipe leak or the same old tilted tub drip. I peered into the dark space between the floor joists and a hand shot out at me. I screamed, of course, and tried to be angry.
Nathan had opened the access panel to the pipes and I still think he's lucky I didn't jump off that ladder and break my arm.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. First, CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary! That's wonderful!

    Regarding your pitch: breathe, breathe, breathe! You're going to be wonderful!

  2. Thanks, Teresa. And the good thing about breathing is you do it automatically, so I can't avoid it;)

  3. I can't wait to buy your book! Happy Anniversary and keep up the gardening.

  4. I'm with Teresa! Breathe, Kelly, breathe...YOU CAN DO IT!!! Super big congrats on the anniversary and your pitch of the century!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  5. Kelly, It sounds like there's never a dull moment around your house! LOL! I'm glad your gardening is coming along. I'm inching through edits as well and also gardening a lot. I understand! You still have, like, three weeks ... plenty of time!!

  6. Congrats on your anniversary!! I also agree with Teresa...take a deep breath. You can do it :)

  7. Thanks Hil, Amy and Jen! I'm still breathing. It's amazing how good air feels;)

  8. Happy (belated) anniversary! And good luck at the conference in a few weeks! (What agent did you sign up with? Er, if you'd rather not say, I understand.)

  9. Ummm...someone way out of my league? Eddie Schneider of JABberwocky. Here's hoping;)