Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charisma and Giant Bears

I love to flip through a book while eating dinner and last night it was "Touching Spirit Bear". I flipped to the back flap and was immediately in awe. Below various awards and publications was this line.

Ben lives in a log cabin near Bozeman, Montana, with a 750 pound black bear that he adopted and has raised for the last twenty five years.

And a picture similar to this one, which I found on the author's website.

I'm feeling a bit boring. All I've done is get married young and have some babies! Maybe I can raise albino alligators or live with wolves for a year. Otherwise all I'll have to recommend me is my writing.


  1. LOL! Now that you've gotten married and had the babies, though, you have to take that into consideration before adopting wild animals -- or taking a year off to live with wolves. Darn responsibilities! :D ha ha!


  2. True about the responsibilities, Amy. I think writing a book is all the craziness I can handle right now.
    But the kiddoes found some wild toads under our deck while pulling weeds yesterday. It was very exciting!