Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer is Over, People!

The trips are over, the lazy days at the pool are done, because school starts on Thursday for us. Just one last trip up to Mama's house today, and that's it.

This is First Day of School from a couple of years ago, but they're still about that cute.

I'm practicing commonly used phrases-
  • Your breath still stinks. Go brush again.
  • I don't know where your shoes are, but they're whereever you left them.
  • Five more minutes and this bus is leaving!
  • Walk fast! The bell rings in two minutes!
  • Sit down and finish your homework.
  • Why are you up? Finish your homework.
  • Finish your homework. You're not allowed to jump on the couches until AFTER your homework is done.
I'm missing some, but you get it.

I've come up with a writing time plan to help me stay accountable, and to help me realize that there are really only so many hours in the day, so if I blow an hour watching Youtube, I won't get it back unless I allow my kids' brains to atrophy by letting them veg in front of the tv, which I don't like to do. They fight a lot more and are way more whiny when I've gone that route.

So- my plan-
M-F 5-7am=    10 hours
M-F 8:30-10=  7.5 hours
Sat 7-10=          3 hours
Preschool 2x/week = 5 hours
Total=25.5 hours of potential writing time

25 seems like a lot of time, and it is, but I don't actually use all of that time wisely. I'm going to keep a log for a few weeks and see how I do. I lose time by sleeping in, which gets me off sinc with my hubby, who is trying to maximize his triathlon training time by getting up at 5 also. And I lose writing time by still not having much self control with books- I have a compulsion to read books all in one sitting.

I've actually gotten up at 5 a few times this Summer, only to be so haunted by the book I was forced to put down the night before (thanks, honey. I do hate book hangover) that I got up ridiculously early and finished a book. It's so dumb, but my brain won't let me slip back out of stories. So I read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson basically ALL Saturday (great book, by the way. He has very strong male and female characters, and has made up some really cool magic). The kids can't distract me when I'm in my reading zone. Nothing can.

Do you have a plan? Do you have a goal? Haven't you read '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'? lol
I'll share my goal on Thursday. Happy Writing!


  1. I think it's a great idea to keep a writing log. I've never tried it, but I wholly support the spirit of the idea:)

    P.S. We're back from our vacation, so I'll be starting PULSE today!

  2. Hey Krista- That's the kind of thing I start, do for a week or two, and decide I don't need anymore, but it helps to get a habit going.

    Hope you had a great vacation.

    And Yay about starting Pulse. Now I'm nervous. :)

  3. Awesome goal set, Kelly. You're inspiring me. Though I don't think I have it in me to wake up at five!! Maybe in a few years when I can (please, God!!) count on a good night's sleep. :)

    I hope this schedule works for you. Sounds amazing.

    P.S. Book hangover, ha ha ha! Don't you hate that?!?!

  4. Good luck. That takes a lot of discipline. 25 hours is a lot for a busy mama.

  5. It's a highly unrealistic goal! I'm not that disciplined;)