Monday, November 1, 2010

Opportunity Knocks

Three years ago, Nathan and I moved to South Carolina, intending to stay with the in-laws for a few months while we saved some money and looked for a new house. We'd spent the previous five years fixing up a 90-year-old Victorian, and I was always too busy during my few free hours, caulking and tiling and wielding my prybar. So when we sold the house, I lost a huge piece of who I'd been, Kelly the Remodeler, but I chose to look at it as an opportunity to try something new. 

This picture has nothing to do with anything.
No, wait. I can do this...Ummm...Okay. Here goes.
I like taking pictures of unusual churches,
but I don't have time to pursue photgraphy, either.
It's about choices.
And it was nice. Weekends weren't inevitably full of project after project, and with 3 out of 4 kids in school, plus a few days of preschool co-op, I had more free time than I'd had since pre-kiddoes. By far. I wrote a lot. I read a lot, too. It was heavenly. 

Alas, we are homeowners once more;)
I'm excited to be picking out paint colors and curtains again, but I will miss the closeness we've had with Nathan's dad and stepmom. My youngest has no memory of life without in-house grandparents, so once they close on their house and move out, nuclear family life will be totally new to him. It's definately bittersweet.

I've already cut back on my blogging and internet time, but I'll probably cut back to one post a week, instead of closer to two. I'll still be checking in with you guys, but I may not be on here every day. There literally aren't enough hours in the day, and I am a terrible person when I'm tired. Really grouchy, and prone to crying, and I don't want to be that mean mom.

Though I enjoy writing even more than I did three years ago, I've been able to pull back from being obsessed by the book to being preoccupied with it. There's a fine line there, but on this side, my kids don't ask me why we don't go anyplace fun anymore. And the neighbors don't wonder why no one ever leaves that house. Is it haunted?

I have a paintbrush in hand once more. Left hand, that is. Right hand is holding a pen.

Any tips on achieving balance? On loving the life you have instead of wishing for change? Did anybody else have a special opportunity to follow a "one day I'll..."-dream, as I did?


  1. All sounds pretty darn good to me! Congrats on the house! If I can overcome wanting more and change and all that will def. pass it along.

  2. Sometimes we achieve balance over years, not days. : )

  3. Congrats on your house! Have fun painting and enjoy your kids while they are young-especially Jojo- they grow up so fast!!

    I believe the desire for change is human nature. I find it difficult to balance all of the interests I have in life.

  4. Thanks ladies! It's always been too easy for me to fall into a book. When I'm just reading one, that's not so terrible, but to fall into one for years is a bit much;)

    Here's to balance!

  5. Congrats on the house! I know what you mean- our house is over 100 years old. Thankfully a lot of the major stuff was done by the people before us. Now its just cosmetic stuff. I feel like there is always something to do and buy- like storm windows, new sinks, and dreaming about a new kitchen ;p I need balance too- sometimes I let the internet overwhelm me a bit. I need to cut back too.

  6. Abby- yes, that's just how it was. I still miss that house. This one is nice, and perfect for us now, but I don't think I'll love it as much because the first house literally took blood sweat and tears. Like the time I moved the ladder with the drill on the top step. I did not break my nose, and the scar is almost gone, but my glasses cover it, luckily;)

    Good luck!

  7. It's a struggle, definitely. But moving what you love most to the forefront is a start!

  8. For me, I try to enjoy every day as it is. Something in nature, something that is just quiet, something that I did well. Then I reflect on what I need to do to make tomorrow better. Then I do it.

  9. Hey Elana! Thanks for the comment. Your comment reminds me of the old wedding saying- something old, something new, something borrowed...

    Thanks for the comment. I do find that when I'm burnt out, working in the garden or taking the kids to the zoo or plinking around on the piano are good.

  10. Ummm, yeah. You've been thanked. I'm a wee bit distracted right now, I think;)