Friday, December 10, 2010

Sane, Who Me?

It's that special time of year when we put on some weight, freak out because the scotch tape roll was full yesterday and now everyone is running around with their noses taped to their foreheads and there'll never be enough to wrap these presents, and I just set down the scissors, where did they go?...No! Don't unwrap the presents yet! (true story)

It's been very interesting around my house, and I'm sure things are a little hectic for you, too. That's life, right?

My main defense against stress is to stop doing stuff. I resist *most* attempts to get my kids into extracurricular activites. Good luck to my husband in getting me to the store for a new can of shaving gel if we still have toilet paper.

But we can't not decorate the house for Christmas, or skip our church Christmas party. We spend hours and mind-numbing hours making a present list and shopping, then wrapping all of those items. I feel every one of those minutes. It irks me if I don't make a certain amount of progress every week on the book. I don't mean to be irked, but I am.

Here's the thing I have to remember: It's not all about me. It's about my family, it's about reconnecting with friends and taking the time to show people that they are important. Again, because sometimes I'm incredibly focused on what I want to accomplish: It's not about me.

I should get this since I'm all about quality time (Have you guys all read "The Five Love Languages"? I think that's the most widely read relationship book ever. Great read, btw.)

Some days I feel so grinchy that hubby starts singing the Grinch song to me, and I deserve it, i.e.- I griped about having to put out stockings. So, in order to be a nice, happy person during the holidays, I have set some modest goals.

Kelly's Modest Goals:
1. Do not lose your book. (I warned you they were modest!)

2. No querying in December. Better yet, wait until Jan 15th, after the rush of "New Year's Resolution" queries.

3. Cut back on the internet and use that time to write. Sorry guys. If I have to choose between checking facebook or using that time to get through a few pages today, I have to get a small amount of writing done.

4. Say "no" to some activities. I don't like to say no, but it's good idea.

That's it. No pages per day, no waking up at five for me right now. I tried that on Monday and Tuesday, and after the third snooze alarm, my hubby was not full of Yuletide cheer, so I turned the alarm off.

How do you keep writing during the busiest season of the year?


  1. of your holiday necessities is sending me a christmas letter. I'll email you my address..yeS?

  2. Kelly - I love your modest list - do not lose you book - sounds like me! You have inspired me to make one, as I am spending too much time on the internet and not enough time writing many pages.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. Wonderful goals, Kelly. And I like how your answer to stress is to simplify. Reminds me of President Uchtdorf's (did I spell that right?) recent conference talk. Thanks for this reminder.

  4. Loved this... feels like my life... couldn't stop laughing during the scotch tape part... so me:)
    Teresa (McGEE) Head

  5. I guess I'm kind of a laid back holiday person. My family didn't have a ton of Christmas traditions when I was growing up -- just reading the Christmas story and opening presents on Christmas morning. Some years they didn't even get a tree up! :) So, I'm relaxed and I let my hubby do what he wants to do to make our house festive. This year I've got the WiP out with a beta reader, so that helps with the manuscript-stress level too. :) Lots more stress associated with January than December this year!! :)

    I had to LOL at the snooze thing. I am such a light sleeper and my husband always snoozes like five times before he gets up. Ugh. :)


  6. These are great goals- starting small is good for me too, and just meeting those goals is hard. I have to keep reminding myself it's not the end of the world if I don't catch up on blogs.

  7. Hey Amber- Christmas cards? That's why we have facebook, isn't it? I always buy them and may or may not write them out, but mailing them is somehow a hurdle I cannot overcome. I'll come through for you though. By February:)

    Hey Jen- It's hard because I enjoy the blogging and facebook, etc. but those hours don't come back. Let me know if you figure it out. I give myself 20-30 min a day for social networking. And I've been taking a lot of no internet days lately too.

    Amy- I read comments yesterday but didn't have time to respond then. I'm still thinking about your no-pressure holidays. We have approximately 1.7 million traditions. Hmmm. Tree is optional? I'm not sure that would fly in my house. It's got me thinking that maybe it's okay to not make cookies this year!

    Krista- Uchdorf? no T? I think that's it. Simplify, simplify. Easier said than done.

    Teresa- Nice to see you around;) Life with kids is never dull. Merry Christmas!
    Abby- hi! Thanks for leaving a comment with your time!

    Merry Christmas!