Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Craft Time

27 days until I go to Dave Farland's professional (that's me! lol) writer's camp. I'm hoping we do some macrame, or take some popsicle sticks and cast off yarn, and voila! We'll have "gods' eyes." (You guys are familiar w that craft project, right? Here's a picture for those of you who never went to summer camp, poor souls.)

Perhaps that's not what is meant by "honing your craft?"

Anyhow, I'm starting to get nervous. Camp runs the 6-11th of June, but because of differences in air fare and a little side trip to see my sister, I'll be gone the 4-14th. Ten days away from my kids and husband. I'm really looking forward to all that writing, but I wonder if I'm capable of standing alone anymore, ya know? Maybe capable isn't the right word, maybe comfortable?

I'd hoped to be done with my rough draft of Book of Breathings before I leave, but that's not going to happen. Well, it might if I get up every morning at 5, but that hasn't been going so well. And I'm okay with that. Because sleep is my friend that helps me not to yell at my kids, who I love dearly:)

Re: querying, I've decided to wait until I get back from camp to send out any more queries. A round of rejections right before I leave would be a bit of a downer. (Not that I've become a pessimist.) I've still got about fifteen queries out there, and one full request. After a few rejections on requests, I've learned not to hold my breath. (Well, maybe I'm a little pessimistic. But not defeated! Never defeated!) And the Atlanta Writer's Conference is next weekend, and I have a pitch with Katherine Fausset of Curtis Brown. I'll let you know how it goes--hopefully not as awkward as last year's pitch:)

Oh, and guess what one of the required reading books prior to camp is? "Story" by Robert McKee.

Done. I told you it was an amazing book that everybody should read;) (The other book is the one on characterization by Orson Scott Card.)

Any happy summer camp memories to share? Tips for making the most of a writing retreat? Whatever!
Happy Writing!


  1. Have fun at camp Kelly! Can't wait to hear how you did :)

  2. Have a great time! That sounds amazing. I'm sure the pitch will go so much better now that you have experience. :) Those little things you made are so cute! I never got to make those kinds of things at summer camp!!


  3. Have a great time. I can't wait to hear about everything you learn.

  4. Have fun, and get lots of writing done! I bet it's fabulous.

  5. Have a great time at the conference. I need to start attending them; I live in NY,lol.

  6. Anthony- You live in NY? no fair! Actually, I'd probably be the same way- but more bc I'm a bit of a tightwad:)

    Amy- I didn't make those particular godseyes, but I have made about a hundred of them before:)

    Myrna and Connie- Thanks! I'll tell you guys all about it.

    Kerri- You're sweet. Thanks for the well-wishes:)