Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mistakes or Learning Experiences

Yesterday I saw a link for a free ebook "Drawing out the Dragons" by James A. Owen who presented at the "Life, the Universe, and Everything" conference in Utah last weekend. I'm jealous, Utah/Nevada/Idaho/Arizona people. If it weren't a 40 hour drive, I would have gone. We did have a family trip to Disney/Harry Potter World at the same time, so don't think I'm feeling too badly for myself, though.

Butterbeer gets a thumbs up! I love a milk mustache.
The Brysons, an old wizarding family, very powerful!

Anyway, James says this in the first chapter:
The Choices I made later in life made the choices I made earlier more worthwhile. This is because our choices are cumulative--and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you are able to start actively making choices that may not only improve your future, but can, in some ways, even redeem mistakes made in your past. 
 Reading that a few times carefully, and taking the time to type it here, I am more and more impressed with this quote. There are still a few hours left to get the ebook free, right here. I'm not sure how many hours are left (it's a 24 hr window), and it's a wonderful, inspiring book about how important it is to really live and be active in making your dreams a reality. I'm just in Ch 2, but it's the kind of inspirational writing that actually inspires.

And I apologize for my long sabbatical from the blog. My plan is to update every Thursday with a tidbit of writing A-ha!s or techniques I've been working on, and a book review on Mondays if I've found something I want to share. Thanks! Happy reading!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time and that is a wonderful quote.

    I'm moving to a Monday/Thurs blog schedule, too. We'll see how that works with my free spirit. hee hee. :)