Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Joy of Printing

So, I'm going on a little airplane trip tomorrow and I usually take a printout of my WIP to work on edits. This is the first time I've printed a chunk of Book of Breathings- all 60k words of it so far, and in glancing through it, I realize I've got a lot of work to do. I've done some substantial edits on the first 90 pages, hoping to get to the back half this week and start writing from my deliciously ego-myopic villianess's pov.

But this glancing reminded me that the MC's dad is missing, whereas once he was an entymologist who went away to do research every summer. Once the MC leapt off her own personal bridge about a hundred pages in, now that happens on page one and she's dealing with it the rest of the book. In other words, there are tons of inconsistencies to fix. I think I'll pack two red pens in case the first one runs out:)

Still, I love love love to hold a stack of paper crammed with words and know that the words, however inconsistent and needy for editing, are mine. It's exciting.

Happy editing!

PS- I apologize for missing my regular Mon./Thurs. blogs this week. Would you understand if I told you my mom surprised us with a visit and we stayed up WAY too late talking, which I only recovered from today by sleeping half the day? This week may be dodgy as well since I'll be out of town...


  1. A surprise mom visit is a wonderful excuse not to blog! :) And enjoy all your edits. Yes, it is gratifying to see all that PRINTED OUT. We don't realize how much work we've done when it's all in the computer. Have a fun trip. :)

  2. Hey Amy- we had a great time- even visited Congaree Nat'l Swamp. Did you know we had a National Swamp? We're pretty proud of it down here;)