Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Other Nine

Still trying to claim my blogger award.

Totally unrelated picture. My kids on an elephant at the Shriner's Circus.
Only two of their faces are visible, but they're all there, I promise.

You saw #1 on Monday's post, right? I realized I did this totally backwards. I should have started with #10- I still spear brussles sprouts with a fork and pretend that they are lollipops. Because they still do not taste good. And then followed up each one with something a little more interesting until you got to number one, where you would wonder to yourself what I could share that could possibly top the previous nine? And then I could blow you away! But I didn't do it that way. So I hope this isn't a let-down. Are you going to read this anyway? Well, for myself then. Here goes.

#10 The brussel sprouts/lollipop thing
#9   When we were growing up, we had a cat, two dogs, a guinea pig, two or three turtles, a saltwater aquarium (including a snowflake eel that would eat a cube of brine shrimp from your hand. He did NOT like it when the cube wasn't defrosted all the way.), a rabbit, and for a short time, two ducks.
#8   Now I have one solitary sucker fish in a tiny aquarium on the bathroom counter.
#7   I plan to hike the Appalacian Trail with the family once our kids are old enough to carry packs.
#6   I have four wonderful kids, ages 9,7,5,3. Boy, girl, boy, boy. Their various interests include reading, fussing about who gets to be player one on Wii, and eating. Snack time. All the time.
#5   I've had some amazing birth experiences! The first one was especially amazing because I was...just kidding. I wouldn't do that to you.
#4   When Nathan and I met, I was barely eighteen and he was still seventeen. After almost three years of dating, we got married, just a semester before graduating from college. In fact, we had to come back for a few hours from our honeymoon in St. Augustine so Nathan could take some business class exam.
#3   I love rockclimbing. Except I'm too weak and chubby to do it.
#2   But I'm not too weak and chubby to complete a sprint triathlon. I finished a 500 yd swim, 10 mile bike and 5K run in about an hour and a half this past October. Two funny things- the swim is a free for all, and this lady kept bumping into me. Kind of annoying, but not a huge deal. Until I stroked just as she edged into my water and I got her in the nose with my elbow, very very hard. I was surprised when we both pulled our heads up that she didn't have a bloody nose. (She was behind me, so it was totally unavoidable on my end) She didn't bump into me anymore. Second funny thing- I was on my squeaky bike, just pedaling and cringing (the squeak hadn't been there before the start of the race. And Nathan oiled it for me, so I'm not sure where the squeak came from, but it was embarrasing to have all of these guys on their $2500 dollars bikes zooming past me, sqeak, squeak, squeak.) Most of my bike training took place in the gym on a stationary bike because I don't feel comfortable getting on the roads with my little one in a bike trailer. So I wasn't used to getting my water bottle in and out of the holder. And this Fast Biker came up behind me as I wobbled around while stuffing the water bottle back into the holder. Fast Biker told me Good Job for putting the bottle away. (I think he was happy that I didn't take us both down.) I said "I make this look easy." And he chuckled and blew by me. Everybody was really friendly and  nice and I would say, if you want to do a triathlon, go for it, because you can't feel more ridiculous than I did. 
#1  Still here if you want to see it again.

Thanks again for the blog award!


  1. Woohoo on that sprint triathlon! (Man, everybody's been making me feel like a real computer potato lately...)

  2. Thanks Krista- it was fun, but close to the last thing I ever thought I'd do. (I can see myself skydiving easier than doing a triathlon.) My husband wanted to try it, and he's hooked. He's doing another one in March. I'm just rying to make it to the gym;)