Friday, September 3, 2010


Twitter paralyzes my brain. I can't handle the limits of 140 characters to express something awesome. I would retweet and get all linky, but the things I would retweet are from my friends, who are already on Twitter, and they're all friends with each other, so there's no point.

I'm overthinking Twitter, I know. I basically lurk, following the agents I'm interested in and some friends and publishing people. You should definately follow me. "Kelly_Bryson" Because I will not be bothering you much, but when I do, it will be scintillating.

Facebook is a little better, but I wonder did I say too much, was I too bland, too many updates, not enough updates to feel connected?

The blog is a lot more comfortable to me, though. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore your comments?

The kids are back in school, and with that comes the infamous parent-child notebook. I try to make it fun and interesting for the kids, but I hold back a little. You know, the teacher might read it and think I'm a nutball, or something. She might not want me to volunteer for field trips anymore.

I didn't hold back last week. I wrote all kinds of craziness to my Lou-lou about what privileges the special student should have, like getting to go to the moon, getting a baby monkey that she can teach sign language to, whatever popped in my head.

My Lou-lou wrote back to me yesterday and told me I was funny. We're going to get some vocab flash cards, and I'm going to keep trying until she tells me I'm scintillating. Maybe I can do this.

How do you feel about the social media part of being a writer? Where are you comfortable?


  1. Kelly, this whole post put a smile on my face. I definitely want to hear about it when Lou-lou uses the word scintillating for the first time:)

    And to answer your question, I don't Facebook or tweet. I've thought about starting (Twitter, at least - still don't have much more than a shred of interest in Facebook), but I keep holding back. I figure I shouldn't start until I'm positive it's something I want to do.

    I love blogging, though:)

  2. Hey Krista- I've been on Twitter for a week or so, mostly to follow the agents I'm stalking. Sometimes theyt'll post things about where they are in their query pile, etc. that I can't get anywhere else. I don't intend to be terribly active with it. I do like FB, though.

    I think the think to remember is that building online relationships takes time, and that's okay. And we don't have to do everything. But I would totally be your friend on FB:)

  3. I'm holding off on Twitter until I actually start querying. I don't need one more distraction right now, and I think I'd really like it. I love blogging.

    I love that you write fun stuff in the notebooks. My kids have planners. Is it like that?

  4. They're friendly letter journals, complete with salutation, date, body, closing, etc. It's kindof neat to have these letters at the end of the year.

  5. Twitter is great BECAUSE of the challenge. It's a world-wide, public constrained writing workshop.

  6. Ha- I should have known you would champion Twitter, Jeff. You and your haikus;)