Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Kiss to say Goodnight

Last night as Nathan and I were going to sleep, I realized we hadn't kissed all day. We're an affectionate family, and it's rare for us to walk by each other- including the kids- without some kind of squeeze, so I was bothered, as much as you can be when half-awake. Nathan falls asleep really fast, and he was already on his way out, but I said, "I don't think we kissed today."

No answer.

Then he sat up and kissed me, a sweet kiss that he put some thought into. It was like our first kiss all over again. Except better, because our first kiss was actually kind of awful. (I claim responsibilty for that- I was so nervous! This amazing guy actually wants to kiss me?)

Then he laid back down and was totally out in thirty seconds.

Yesterday we sopped up gallons of water off our floor together without a harsh word, I watched him hold our feverish youngest as I ran out the door to go to my Cub Scout meeting, and he hardly even got mad at me over a $40 library fine (I'm still going to find that missing book, so it's actually half that!). Four kids, eleven and three-quarters years of marriage later, we're still capable of a "first kiss".

As a writer, I'm always on the look out for what makes strong emotions, the tics people have, what motivates them. We can only write what we understand, after all. But I won't be writing about that moment and turning it into someone else's scene. It's all ours.


  1. :) It was just one of those moments that smacked me in the face in a good way.

  2. This is such a beautiful sentiment, Kelly.

  3. Just spreading the love;) Have a wonderful day!

  4. What if you hadn't realized that you guys didn't kiss? Imagine all the couples who don't notice such things ...

    Being capable of a first kiss after 11 3/4 years is a wonderful thing.

  5. Hi Steph- Re not noticing- I'm sure there have been other such days that I didn't notice, maybe??? I think we can get away with all kinds of "neglect" as long as it's not intentional and not the status quo.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. A lovely post! It is wonderful that you two still connect after 11+ years of marriage. I try to remember to have a good night kiss each night but sometimes forget. It's usually from utter exhaustion!

  7. Thanks for your kind comment at my place today.

  8. Hi Christina- thanks for the comment;)

    And Caroline- I'm getting out to visit my blog friends more now that the kids are back in school and getting back to health, back from vacation, Christmas decorations are finally taken down, etc. :)

  9. Ewwww. Gross!

    (just kidding of course. Love you guys)