Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sitting on my hands

So, I'm waiting. I hate waiting. And I haven't even started the querying yet- I've got a few typed up and I'm waiting to hear back from a few crit partners (This post is not a subtle shove in the back, critters. I really, truly want you to take your time.) I just want my book to be free of those nagging issues that bother a reader after they finish a book.

It was a good book, but...

...the MC had to be an idiot to go back for the cat.

...what about the giant squid in chapter 3? Did it make it back to the aquarium in time? (Disclaimer- there are no actual squid in my book, although they are mentioned. Did you know squids change color based on their emotional state?)

...that ending was all wrong! Wrong, I say! I wanted to rewrite the end of "Graceling" for that reason. Give me a happy ending and no loose ends!

I woke up this morning (in our upstairs bedroom) and the carpet was squishy. I vaguely remembered my little guy crying a few minutes before, so I thought, in a dream-like stupor, that he must have spilled some water in my room. And the I took another step into the bathroom and the bathmat was under water. Oh, schnikeys.

(Quick explanation: We've purchased the house from our inlaws, but they're not closing on their house until later this month, so until then we're cruelly denied use of the master bedroom. *wink* Thus, we share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom with our kids.)

It's one of those things where a few small errors add up into a big error.

Error 1- the flapper in the toilet doesn't always seal. I keep meaning to replace it, because it wastes water, but it never made it to the top of the list.

Error 2- The toilet has stopped up a few times recently for no good reason. We thought it was just a weird thing, I added more salad to everybody's plates, and thought we were good. So wrong.

Error 3- Not sure what the third error was. Nathan kept saying he should have gotten up to work out and then this never would have happened, but I think that's not really an error as much as a lucky break missed.

I think this flood was the universe telling me to get back in line or it'll give me something to really be worried about.

The kitchen ceiling is damp, but I think it's going to be okay with some paint. And the carpet is unfortunately surviving, too- I've used our spot remover vacuum to suck about three gallons of water out of it. I'm going to buy some Kool-aid for the kids and start shopping for hardwood floors.

Anyhow, between the flood and my poor kids with their raw noses and sicky-coughs, I'm not getting too much done. Oh, well. Distraction is good today! I'm going back to sitting on my hands!


  1. Um, a) it's going to be all right; b) Error 2 made me laugh out loud; c) have your septic tank checked, could need a good pumping--this is the voice of experience talking--don't ask me what's in my basement and I won't tell; d) about the chapter--whoops! break is over! *laughs evilly and trots away*

  2. Teresa- I'm glad my suffering is funny to you;) Re error #2, Father in law thinks a toy must have gotten flushed down the toilet, and that's definately possible. Thanks!

  3. That was an evil laugh, not the same as my *haha* laugh. Yes, it could easily have been a toy, but with three adults in my house, we ruled toy out pretty early in the game. I still wear a hazmat suit when I have to go in my basement. ;-)

  4. Eww. We've had a plumbing backup in our old house's basement and it was not pretty. Or nice to smell. Who knew flushable wipes aren't flushable in a 90 year old house? Again, I can blame that on the kids.

  5. Sorry about the flooding issues, Kelly! And I hear you on the waiting. Seems like that's what half of writing is sometimes.

    Off to check my inbox... :)

  6. Jen- thanks for stopping by. It's going better. The kids are no longer feverish and have returned to school!

    Krista- Thanks! Although my flood was probably way less scary than your potential flood. We're up on a hill, so I doubt that'll ever be an issue for us. Good luck to you!

  7. Oh ugh! Our toilet overflowed last night, but the water stayed in the bathroom. And we have some sticky coughs, too. That's a good way to describe them! My mantra these days is, "Don't cough on the baby!" Life, life, life. And I loved your next post, too, about the kiss. Yes, it is totally yours. Isn't it nice when we don't have invent our romances in our heads? They can really be real and all our own. Love it, Kelly.


  8. Amy- "don't cough on the baby!"- I wish that sort of warning had worked when mine were little, but I think they got sick along with the rest of us every. Single. Time.

    And real life romance has some advantages over imaginary, for certain;) Like sweet babies.