Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stepping Out, a Plug for Miserere, StellarCon, Query Stats

This is a week's worth of blog posts in one...
I spend a lot of time at the library because it saves a TON of gas to hang out there until preschool is over. Plus I actually write at the library instead of blogging, etc. Despite this, I don't know the librarians very well. I'm all business on writing days, and when I go in with my kids, we're such a circus show that I don't talk to the librarins except to alert them to the pages that the kids have pulled loose, flaps they've torn, etc. So today I decided to change that. (Have I mentioned that I'm an introvert? This was really busting out for me.)

I told Dee the librarian that I'm a writer, and if she thought there was any interest, I would be happy to volunteer to teach a class on getting started. Basically to direct people to some of the resources that have helped me & answer questions on the basics. I also gave her a few chapters so she could judge for herself if I have anything to offer. I wrote, picked up Jojo from preschool, and we went home.

I had an email from Dee waiting for me asking to read the rest. So we'll see. Maybe they'll take me seriously and we'll do a small class. Not sure why, but teaching is a lot of fun to me, in a way that chit-chatting has never been, and I'd like to give back a little.

Also, I'm so excited to be going to StellarCon in High Points NC this weekend, where I'll finally get to hang out with my good friend, Teresa Frohock. Her book is available for preorder on Amazon. Check out my review.

Pretty cool cover art, isn't it?
And in other news, I've contacted an editor, who is going over my first couple of chapters. Hopefully this will alert me to any issues I need to fix throughout my manuscript, such as my love for variations of "seemingly." We're also looking at the query, since I didn't get the response I was hoping for this round of querying.

What's that? Sure. Here're my query stats:
30 queries sent.
12 rejections

4 partial requests
2 partial rejects

1 full request
1 full reject

Which leaves me with 1 partial out there, and 1 partial I haven't sent yet. And one query to resend because the agent usually responds to every one, and she's well past my query date according to the comments left on Query Tracker.

Anybody else getting crazy ideas out there? Any costume ideas for my first con experience?

Have a great week!


  1. Is that the cover of MISERERE? It's quite stunning. I tend to dislike the artwork on the covers of most fantasy books (as much as I like The Wheel of Time series, I gotta say, I don't care for the covers at all), but that painting's totally changed my mind.

    Your idea of community class is a fantastic one! I hope you get to do it! And those stats really aren't too bad. (Plus, I think they'll only get better:) )

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Hey Krista- yep- that's the cover art for Miserere- she's being published by Nightshade Books. I assume the title is going to go across the top there. I think it's really beautiful, too.

    Thanks for the comment:) I'm so behind on reading my fav blogs, but I'll catch up with you soon!

  3. The cover is gorgeous!

    You're so good for talking to the librarians. I've never talked to the ones at the library where I do a chunk of my writing. Of course, they kind of scowl so that makes it harder. I have talked to the janitor--she's very sweet.

  4. Hey, Kelly! Thanks so much for the plug! I haven't seen the finished cover yet, but everyone was so excited over Miserere's art we unveiled early, Krista. Michael C. Hayes did the art. More of his art is here:

    I asked him if he read the novel before he did the art and he said he did. He did a beautiful job of capturing the characters of Miserere and their emotions. I was very, very happy when I opened the e-mail with this. ;-)

    Thanks again, Kelly! I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday in High Point!


  5. I love that the artist read the book before he did the cover. It's beautiful, and it makes me wonder what on earth is going on.

    Our head librarian used to have me read my poems out of Highlights during story time, but she retired, and I don't think librarian who replaced her knows that I write. She knows me as a preschool teacher. Your class idea is a great one. There are so many online resources.

    You are getting requests.

  6. Hey Connie- isn't it though? It makes me wish I were an artist:)

    Teresa- thanks for the link to the artist. That's so cool that he read the book. The cover is so perfect!

    And Myrna- I haven't been shy about asking people to read for me, but it's kindof weird to walk up to people I don't know and open my mouth, but they were very nice. I figured if they weren't interested, then I wouldn't have lost anything. And at best we could get into some kind of fine forgiveness program...