Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something about my eye and the Ball.

Doesn't she look uber-patient?
Maybe if I wore robes, I could be patient, too. Would pajamas do?

I've checked my email no less than 500 times in the last two weeks, starting before prospective agent #1 would have received my 50 page partial submission. And now it's been almost two weeks. Not that long, I know. And there was a holiday, and I'm sure he has tons of stuff to keep him busy.

Wait a second. 
I have stuff to keep me busy too!
Back to editing I go. But I wonder...hang on a second.

Okay. I'm back. I have a great deal on airline tickets+rental car+hotel, but nothing literary or agenty in the  inbox. I need to get done and send out some query letters so I won't care so much about the individual responses.

So, I've started some research- there's a two foot tall stack of books I've checked out from the library and the details are blowing around my brain. I've only read a small chunk of one book, but it's still a start.

And I have some notecards with possible scenes for The Sequel that I've been carrying around in my purse. I need more hours to figure this stuff out, not less. Right. There's absolutely no need to be impatient. 

How do you deal with waiting? I know I'm not the only email hound.


  1. I'm terrible at waiting (hence the name of my blog and the stone-carved man meant to help me keep perspective).

    It's easiest to wait away from the computer (though I don't always do that myself).

    All the best!

  2. I was a basket case about SEE THE SAMELINGS - until I started Bob. That's the trick, I think: Start a new project you're really excited about.

    (That said, you only just finished PULSE, so I don't blame you if you're still basking in the glory of being DONE:) )

  3. I second Krista's comment (the start a new project part). The new project gives me something else to obsess over. ;o)

  4. I've still got some sweeping up to do. Good advice about starting new projects! Thanks guys!

  5. I had to laugh; I've checked my email like every five seconds it seems sometimes. So, no, you are not the only one! Maybe we should email each other and then there'd be something besides spam to read while waiting...

  6. LOL! The last time I was querying, it was like torture to break away from the computer for even a few minutes. I totally understand! My advice: start working on the next thing. I was always hard at work on my next project by the time I started querying. It really takes your mind off it. (I just glanced up and saw that people have already given that advice... so it must be really good advice!! ha ha.)


  7. Hey Karen- So, is that an official welcome to the compulsive email checker club? I'm honored!

    Hey Amy- Haha- torture is right;)