Friday, June 11, 2010

Partial News

I got back from taking the kids to the pool yesterday and the mailcarrier caught us in the driveway. This is odd because I have a phobia of all things regarding communication- I don't check the mail, I don't answer the phone without checking caller ID, but mostly I just can't find my phone or I've dropped it in the toilet (I did that to Nathan's phone last week. Oops.)

Anybody else identify?

Ms. Mailcarrier handed me a big envelope and somehow I didn't see it for what it was. A returned partial. The rejection letter inside surprised me- I don't mean that I wasn't prepared for a rejection (we all know what our chances are with each individual agent, right?), but somehow I hadn't realized that getting my pages returned to me was an answer all by itself, so I was still wondering what the letter would say. I won't wonder again;)

Mr. Agent was very kind and gentle with my ego. He wrote, "You're a good writer," (and how awesomely nice is that?) but that he didn't quite connect with my tone and then he did something amazing- he recommended that I contact two other agents. Which is cool, cause now I can use his name in my 'why I'm querying you' paragraph. What a huge boost to have him willing to attach his professional opinion to my work, even though he doesn't want to represent me. I truly appreciate it. 

I'm not ready to send out my queries- I only pitched to Mr. Agent because I happened to find out that he would be at a nearby, inexpensive conference, and I'm still incorporating my beta readers' comments. But, I felt that the fifty pages I sent were in really good shape, so at least I have no regrets.

I expected to be disappointed, and I guess I am, but this doesn't feel like a personal rejection (although I did get a little teary-eyed when I talked to my sister. She assured me that this was good for me, because I haven't met with a normal amount of rejection- I'd always been the one to end relationships and then my husband and I met so quickly that I missed out on rejection there, too. Isn't she sweet?)

Seriously, though, I wonder how I'll know that I'm picking the right agent instead of just accepting the first one that smiles at my MS. I want a lifetime relationship with my agent. I want to make beautiful books together and for someone to care about my stories as much as I do. Thanks for all the encouragement, blog friends. It's been nice to have people to share this ride with that have been there.

Now that I've had my first taste, I doubt I'll be talking about my specific querying efforts...unless I have some really amazing news.

I'm adding page tabs at the top, and if you're interested, you can read my first chapter. Thanks!


  1. Actually, I have to say congrats on the feedback. That really is rare. Especially since they said you write well. I don't think they would say it if it wasn't true! So, good job! I will definitely be checking out your first chapter. Maybe it will inspire me =) (First chapters are my killer)

  2. Referrals are wonderful, Kelly. Good for you.

    (But I know how you feel. Rejections always stink. But this is one of the better outcomes, and besides, the chances of finding that Perfect Agent right away, the One who completely gets you and your writing, are pretty much zero. So it says nothing about the quality of your manuscript.)

  3. Kathryn- the letter was so kind. Much nicer than I expected. And I hope you enjoy my first chapter! Thanks for reading!

    Krista- Thanks! I knew that getting NO rejections ever would make me some kind of pariah in the writer world, so I'm feeling relieved. I want to struggle in the trenches with you guys! Right? I'll tell myself that;)

  4. That's great news!!! Now send it to the other agents and get busy on your next book. I say that, because it always helps me to take my mind off it. :0)

  5. Thanks Kathi- that's the plan;) I'm feeling very encouraged!