Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eavesdropping with Class

***Interview with sisters Nancy Anderson and Carroll Morris***
***co-authors of Leaning Into Curves on Friday! ***

A few weekends ago, Nathan and I went away for our anniversary to Aiken, SC. Aiken is horse country. There's a lot of old money, which means lots of gardens and wide streets. Beautiful shops with furniture I want but can't afford and clothing that costs more per item than I spend on my wardrobe in six months. But it was fun looking and we found something special: a t-shirt with Chuck Norris posing as a weather forecaster. Caption? Cloudy with a 90% chance of pain.

On Sunday morning we went to Davor's, a little restaurant that serves Bananas Foster french toast, which Nathan LOVES.  (Wow. That makes us sound like Jack Mormons, but we had to eat somewhere, and the alcohol burns off, I swear. Okay, I don't swear, I assure you)

I've heard that it's okay to eavesdrop if you're a writer, so here's what happened. There was a middle-aged couple in expensive, understated clothes at the table next to us. Another man came in. The couple greeted him and the three proceeded to talk about a variety of things including:
  • their cotillion club and how the last gentleman should join. "It's only two hundred a year and we have two events, the bands are great!"
  • A dinner party/fundraiser they are throwing to support Andre, South Carolina's Lieutenant Governor, whom they are on a first-name basis with
  • Then the last gentleman showed them pictures of the 'craft' he was working on. He referred to it as his craft several times.
 After we left, we couldn't help laughing. Wow. People really talk like that.

I've had that experience in Georgia, too, at the other end of the spectrum. We went camping once at the Okeefenokee  Swamp (motto: We got alligators. Lots of 'em. Want to rent a canoe?) and literally could not understand anything this old man said to us. Nathan's mom's RV broke down (can you tell where we fit in better? *wink*), and we were trying to get a mechanic out there, but we couldn't understand a word out of his garbled mouth. And he had no teeth. Maybe that was part of the problem.

Happy Eavesdropping!

Also, come back on Friday when I will interview Nancy Anderson and Carroll Morris, sisters who co-wrote "Leaning into Curves," which has just been released. They have some great insights into how to work with a co-author, and some comments on editing styles that I appreciated them sharing with me, so I hope to see you back here on Friday!


  1. And here I thought cotillion was a seniors-only dance at my old high school:)

    Let's not call it eavesdropping, Kelly. Let's call it dialogue-related research:)

  2. Haha. That's about what I thought. Writing has made me terribly nosy. We had this nurse once that had such interesting phrases and speech patterns that I wish I could find him and make a recording.