Thursday, May 13, 2010

T minus two and counting

Last night I remembered that I hadn't gotten any business cards made. Dang it. At the Columbia Book Festival a few months ago I'd met some local bloggers and one of them had business cards with their blog web address and I was stuck tearing pieces of paper off my legal pad, trying to remember if my website was a or a I've never been confused about that before or since, but I was a little flustered at the time.

Lesson learned. Last night I designed some simple business cards and printed them on my friend's color copier (I only have a high volume black and white printer, which I love dearly. The color copier dried out since I never use it.) I trimmed them down to size this morning and they will be perfect to hand out to other conference-goers that I meet.

Other preparations: I am going to buy a professional-looking outfit, maybe a grey pencil skirt, but that would not be comfortable to wear during the hours of workshops before the pitch, so I'll see what I can find. I am determined to avoid frumpy at all costs. Well, within a certain range of costs.

My friend Shannon has agreed to go with me, the same friend that listened to my pitch about ten times yesterday after watching me scribble and chew on my lip for half an hour AND printed out the cards for me this morning. This woman must have done something really awful to me and is trying to make it up to me before she confesses!

Truly, I tried to explain yesterday how much I appreciated her vote of confidence and the critiques and that she's willing to go shopping with me and our combined three kids. (It will be awesome to chase them through the racks! I predict lots of giggling kids today. At least I hope they're giggling!)

There are so many people who have supported me in this and I could cry in gratitude for each of them. And I do. You just can't see it because I'm on a computer and you're not here in my house. Thank you.

I think I need to get on some meds. Any suggestions?

I'll be at Kohl's if you need me!


  1. Kelly, I'm excited for you! Have a wonderful time. :)


  2. Thanks Amy. I don't think of myself as an excitable person, but I this is freaking me out more than anything else I've ever done in my life. Except maybe for the first time DH and I kissed. But more than getting married and having the kids for sure!

  3. I have to say, surely there's something wrong with the system when an author has to worry about wardrobe in order to get published. But I guess that's the way it is. Not much else to do but play the game the best you can.

    Knock 'em out, Kelly! We're all thinking of you and looking forward to hearing how it went.

  4. Good luck, Kelly! I gave your blog an award, if you want it.

  5. thanks Peter- the wardrobe change is for me so I don't have to show up in faded stained Mommy clothes. I need a shot of confidence and the smart clothes help. And I love what Since you asked, I got grey twill pants and a purple silky shirt. Some low heels. I feel ready now;)

    Myrna- Thanks for the well wishes. I'll be right over to check that out.

  6. Since you asked, I love what I got...

    is what I meant.

  7. Have a wonderful time Kelly. Ha, I'm creating some business cards today as well for a conference next weekend. Can't wait :)

  8. Thanks for commenting Naomi! Have fun at your conference. I'm trying to forget that I prefer to sit in a corner and watch, because it will be awesome to meet some semi-local writers in real life.